Best Jeep Replacement Hoods for Your Wrangler

by Jeep Auto Garage Team

There are several good things about jeep wranglers, and among them is the ability to customize their look and stand out in the crowd. With a jeep replacement hood, you can significantly enhance the appearance of your jeep as well as toughen it up for the rough outdoors.

There are plenty of styles and design options to choose from. It can be a simple conspicuous look or an aggressive one to boss it on the highway.

Best Jeep Replacement Hoods Reviews

Product Name



MAIKER The Avenger Style Replacement Hood

MAIKER Cobra Series Hood for Jeep Wrangler

Heat Dispersion Vented Hood For 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU

Smittybilt 76400 Hood

DV8 Jeep Wrangler Replacement Hood 

The steel alloy construction coupled with E-Coated finish makes this jeep replacement hood one of the most durable and protective. Another feature that gives it a bang for your buck includes superior ventilation from large heat extraction vents. It is, therefore, possible to maintain optimum operating temperature for efficiency on the road.

A standout selling point is the removable vents for precision painting. You can match the factory look and keep your jeep wrangler looking like new. Furthermore, the installation process is a breeze without any drilling.

It uses a direct bolt-on factory hinge and latch for quick installation. We cannot forget to mention that the replacement hood is one of the most attractive. In particular, the intricate design features and the overall protective surface makes it an excellent acquisition for anyone.


  • Steel alloy construction and E-Coated finish for durability
  • Superior heat extraction vents
  • Removable vents for repainting
  • Easy installation
  • 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK and Unlimited 2 or 4 Door fitment

This hood lives up to the expectations with such features as superior ventilation. The extra-large vents maintain optimum operating temperatures in a variety of driving conditions. It has vents in the middle and on both sides for efficient heat dissipation.

Also, the unique cobra design is a feature that sweetens the deal. The aggressive cobra appearance makes your jeep stand out wherever you are driving. It is one of those bolt-from-the-blue features that every vehicle owner will want to have.

Even better, the protective surface is paintable, and you can add a unique personality.

The material construction is a robust fiber-reinforced polymer, which is as tough as it can get. As a result, the hood does not delaminate, corrode, or rust.


  • Extra-large vents for superior ventilation
  • Attractive and aggressive cobra design
  • Repaintable for a unique personality
  • Robust fiber-reinforced polymer material construction

If you own a 07-17 Jeep Wrangler, then this replacement hood is a wonderful choice - at least in our opinion. It is made from sturdy steel, and the vents are ABS Plastic. Therefore, we can pretty much say that the engine is in good hands.

A heavy-duty fuel filler door is something unique - something you don't find in other options.

The vented hood has a unique design, and that makes your jeep a favorite in the crowd. You know what they say about familiarity and contempt? Well, having some unique design features and appearance is always welcome.

In terms of installation, this replacement hood is a winner. No drilling or other modifications are necessary.


  • Robust steel construction and ABS Plastic vents
  • Unique standout design
  • Heavy-duty fuel filler door
  • Resistant to hazardous chemicals and gasoline

This 07-18 Jeep Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK replacement hood has the aggressive look and functionality deserving of a jeep. Of course, your jeep wrangler is an outdoor beast, and this unit is the best representation of that.

The black finish e-coat is one of those that looks the part. It is stylish, and if necessary, paintable.

In terms of functionality, the unit keeps your engine cooler for optimal performance. The hood also cuts the mustard in terms of durability. Well, it boasts 0.8mm steel with underbody insulation.

The best thing is that you don't need deep pockets to afford this precision-made hood. It is affordable and also safe, as well as easy to use. You will still find the factory crumple zones in this replacement hood, and that helps quite significantly in terms of your safety.


  • Aggressive appearance
  • Keeps the engine cooler than the factory hood
  • Durable and tough with 0.88 mm steel with underbody insulation mart
  • Black finish e-coat

The superior design of the DV8 Jeep Wrangler Replacement Hood is the first thing that catches your eye. As such, the unit guarantees you a lot of attention that every jeep wrangler owner deserves. We must add that it gives your jeep a complete overhaul of its attitude.

It is also the kind of accessory that gives your jeep the second wind when off-roading. Essentially, the unique design provides the best level of airflow to keep the temperatures in check. It also comes with a protective finish that allows for repainting.

That means you can add your personality through your favorite color or to match that of the vehicle.


  • Superior aggressive look design
  • Fitment for all 2007-2017 Jeep Wranglers
  • Provides an adequate amount of airflow
  • Protective finish that allows for repainting

You don't need a nice chunk of change to get the best quality replacement hood. This jeep wrangler hood pretty much says a lot towards that direction. The unit comes with a standout appeal that is very hard to ignore - some bit of attention is good for the soul of jeep owners.

But apart from the impressive looks, the jeep hood is highly functional. It allows an efficient flow of air through the top and side vents to prevent overheating.

You will notice that the stamped steel construction is as tough as nails or even more. This comes in handy when driving off-road or in inclement weather. It is also easy to install and makes use of stock tie-downs and hinges.


  • Improved engine cooling
  • Attractive design
  • Top and side vents for an efficient flow of air
  • Stamped steel construction for durability and strength

Are Heat Reduction hoods effective?

The effectiveness of the heat reduction hood is down to the design. Heat extraction from under the hood occurs based on the venturi principle. Typically, the extraction of heat or air only happens when the area above the hole experiences low pressure.

In essence, the engine area can sometimes become hot, based on various factors. There is an amount of cooling by circulating the air inside the engine compartment, and that helps quite significantly. It helps keep the engine in tip-top condition.

But heat dissipation is not the only benefit of having a functional heat reduction hood. During high-speed driving, the air flows under the car from the radiator. If this is not in check, it can prove a detriment, especially in terms of control.

The heat extractors on the hood provide another escape route for the air, and hence more stability.


Jeep replacement hoods are another way of customizing your off-road beast to stand out in the crowd. They also help keep the temperatures down inside the hood for that award-winning performance of the jeep engine. The replacement hoods may not be for the penny pinchers, but that does not mean you cannot get a decent one, affordably.

The selling point of our best choice,
MAIKER The Avenger Style Replacement Hood, is the enlarged vents for the optimal flow of air. You can, therefore, go off-road comfortably without worrying about too much heat. The steel alloy construction makes it one of the most durable and robust.

The aggressive design is sweet to the sight of everyone that comes across it. it also comes with an e-coat to make it rust-resistant and durable.

In terms of installation, it is as easy as ABC. The mechanism is a direct bolt-on factory hinge that does not take much of your time.

MAIKER Cobra Series Hood for Jeep Wrangler boasts superior ventilation, thanks to the enlarged vents and efficient design. The attractive and aggressive cobra design is a standout in itself. A bit of aggressive personality is always a great addition to a Jeep.

But you can also add a unique personality to the hood, given that it is paintable. Even more impressive is the material construction. It is a robust fiber-reinforced polymer for the strength and durability that a 4x4 deserves.

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