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by Jeep Auto Garage Team

Giving your Jeep Wrangler a facelift is probably one of the best ways of giving it a personality. There are various eye-catching options on the market to help you get that custom look on your Jeep.

One such adjustment you can make is to add a Grille.

Since the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler, the Iconic front grille has not changed much. The seven-slot design is recognizable from a distance. Nevertheless, it is customizable with an assortment of stylish inserts.

Best Jeep Grille Review

Product Name



AMOFFROAD's Shark Grille & RGB Halo Headlights

 ALLINONEPARTS Matte Black Front Shark Grille

ICARS Front Matte Black Shark Grille

Extreme Off-Road Front Grille for 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler

American 4wheel Matte Black Grid Grille

The aggressive shark teeth design is one of those Jeep Wrangler face-lifts that effortlessly stand out. The unique off-road design is a worthy replacement in every aspect, and installing it not take too much of your time.

In terms of its construction, the material is of the highest quality for durability and strength. Furthermore, it has an unbeatable plug-and-play headlight for optimal visibility when driving in low lighting. The RGB color shift halos with up to 16 million color options.

Did we also mention that the RGB halos are Bluetooth enabled with flashing and control timing functions? You will find an H13 adapter and H4 connector for a smooth installation process.

Also, the package is inclusive of projector headlights with aluminum housing. For your convenience, the headlights are compatible with Android and iOS devices. There are also two LED fog lights with a low beam of 30 watts and a high beam of 60 watts.


  • Easy to mount and does not require drilling
  • The design is paintable
  • The construction material is the highest quality ABS for durability and strength
  • Headlights and fog lights compatible with Android and iOS devices

This matte black front grill is nothing short of astounding, and a suitable replacement for your current one. It is the most effective way of giving your street fighter an intimidating appearance. The pre-painted shack grille is not only attractive but strong as well.

Talking of strength, the construction is high-quality ABS plastic. It also has a very durable black finish that does not need repainting anytime soon. As a result, the insert will look as good as new for an extended period.

This Allinoneparts model is dustproof and waterproof, to serve you through thick and thin. Undoubtedly, it is as tough as they come to protect against trail hazards such as sticks and stones.

Installation is a breeze as it matches with the original holes for mounting. It is a direct fit installation, and it will go the exact place as the original. It fits JK, JKU and Unlimited, 2007 to 2018 models.

Other accessories in the package included an anti-vibration kit and a hardware kit for installation. No modifications are necessary, and you don't need to cut anything.


  • Compatible with JK, JKU and Unlimited, 2007 to 2018 models
  • Attractive and intimidating appearance
  • Pre-painted with durable black finish
  • Provides extra protection against trail hazards

This is yet another awesome matte black shark grill to give your Jeep Wrangler a unique personality. It is easy to install, and you don't need to do any drilling anywhere. The unit seamlessly goes into the original mounting holes.

Typically, it only takes about 15 minutes to have everything set up and ready for a test drive. Also, everything you need for installation is inside the package. There may be some rough edges in the light holes, but that does not affect the installation process.

And if you want to add headlights, you can go ahead and do it.

It is compatible with headlights and other accessories that you may want to add. Halo upgrade will pretty much come in handy with new headlights.

The Jeep insert is a tough nut to crack, given that the construction is the highest quality ABS. You can expect it to withstand some of the trail hazards that you come across, such as small branches and the like. It is waterproof and dustproof as well and can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions.

The shark grille comes in a durable matte black finish that gives it a shiny and unique appearance. You can almost see the reflection of the stars because of its design, and the rugged off-road look gives it a mean appearance.


  • Easy installation without any drilling
  • Durable matte black finish
  • Tough ABS plastic for strength and protection
  • Dustproof and waterproof

The Angry Birds look from this Jeep Wrangler insert has one of the meanest looks to deter any road bullies. We might as well mention that the glossy black is kind to the eyes, and other people cannot stop staring at it. What's more, the it makes your Jeep Wrangler stand out in the crowd with the least of efforts.

The material construction supports this aggressive look, as it is tough as well. Typically, the ABS material can withstand the off-road trails and bad weather to cement the aggressive personality. It may be lightweight, but then again, that does not affect its strength and durability in any way.

But what about the installation process? Is it effortless in any way?

The grille for this Jeep is an OEM fit, meaning that it is not going to require some technical skills to pull off the installation. You don't have to drill anywhere or use a welder. Essentially, it is the perfect fit for 2018 to 2020 Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models.

At barely 11 pounds, the unit is lightweight and easy to handle. In our opinion, this fact alone helps a lot during installation and replacement. Any apparent teething issues during installation are nothing that you can't handle. 


  • Attractive glossy black appearance
  • Gives your Jeep Wrangler a mean personality
  • Tough and durable ABS plastic material that's easy to install
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

This matte black gladiator grill is probably among the most attractive in its category. It has the looks, the aggressiveness, even though not so much, and the strength to go the distance. Unlike its peers, this four Wheel front grill has an innovative design that adds some versatility to the unit.

You can add different unique styles to tweak the personality of your Jeep Wrangler. The ABS construction is as tough as you can expect it to be. It is extremely durable and strong to withstand anything that you throw at it by driving in different terrains.

One thing about the ABS is its impact resistance and lightweight design. It will not add any additional weight to the motor vehicle. Also, the fact that it is lightweight makes it a lot easier to handle, especially during installation. 

We find it to be a perfect replacement for the factory Jeep grill. You don't need to make any modifications, such as cutting or drilling. It goes to the original holes, and the installation does not take much of your time. 

The company also provides a timely after-sales service should you encounter any issues. 


  • Attractive and slightly aggressive look
  • Innovative design that allows you to add different styles
  • Tough and durable material construction
  • Lightweight design and will not add any additional weight

The patent-pending Topfire front grille has a unique design that most Jeep Wrangler owners we'd be happy to add to their vehicle. It has a hollow strip design that allows sufficient airflow to the engine. This feature is especially important if you often drive in extremely hot areas.

You will find that ABS construction is a bit light in terms of weight. That does not mean it is not tough and durable. In contrast, the material is impact-resistant and will not splinter, warp or bend.

Should you feel like changing the matte black appearance, the unit is repaintable. There are red stickers that come with the Jeep grille, and you can always add them to add some unique appearance.

It comes with up to 6 reserved mounting holes for lights. Please note that the lights are not part of the package, and you will need to purchase them separately. Your JL or JLU Jeep Wrangler becomes easy to see on the road, apart from giving it a unique look.

The unit comes with pre-drilled holes that fit perfectly with the original OEM slots to make the installation process effortless. No modifications or cutting is necessary, and that makes everything so much easier.


  • Unique patent-pending design
  • Strip hollow design to allow sufficient airflow to the engine
  • Impact-resistant material
  • Has up to 6 reserved mounting holes for lights

An aggressive off-road design is one of the most fitting for Jeep Wranglers owners that are in love with outdoor events. But apart from the unique off-road styling, the material construction is durable ABS plastic. The Gladiator grille can comfortably take the associated shocks of off-trail driving.

The material can hold up against the various elements of the weather. Therefore, it sticks around for longer, and it will be a long time before you need a replacement. The unit is impact-resistant and will not bend or splinter upon impact.

It has a slightly aggressive personality, and that is enough to make your Jeep Wrangler stand out in the traffic. We also noted that the light bar is extremely bright, and which is a good thing, especially in low lighting.

In terms of installation, nothing could be easier. It perfectly replaces the original factory grille, and you will not need to do any modifications. The installation only takes about 15 minutes with basic hand tools, and you can be off to doing something else.

You can always contact the company if something seems off. Their after-sale service is timely and quite helpful.


  • Fits all Jeep Wranglers between 2007 and 2018
  • Aggressive off-road styling for outdoorsy owners
  • Weather-resistant, durable and made of strong ABS plastic material
  • After-sales support which is always good to have

This is yet another patented shark grill design that is going to add a unique mean and attractive personality to your Jeep Wrangler. It is specifically for the folks that want to lord it on the highway. The style is an off-road and aggressive design.

It has a matte black finish that looks quite attractive in all weather conditions. The ABS plastic construction is durable and strong to overcome anything that may be thrown at it on the road. It is the perfect material for off-trail driving. 

When it comes to installation, you are going to have it easy with this option. It fits perfectly in the slots of the grille you are replacing. There is nowhere that you need to hammer or cut. 

Mostly, the whole installation process only takes a couple of minutes, and you can be off to introduce the new look to everyone. The instructions are simple to follow, but you are always free to lookup more YouTube videos.

You can use the OEM clips or the new ones depending on preference. It is always good to have extra clips just in case something happens. The grille is fitting for Jeep Wrangler JK models between 2007 and 2018. 


  • Innovative, eye-catching design
  • Effortless installation that only takes a few minutes
  • Strong and durable material
  • Fitting for models between 2007 and 2018

The combo pack of halo headlights and beast grille will give your Jeep Wrangler an entirely new personality to dominate the urban roads. With the headlights and the new aggressive beast look, you can feel confident driving in a variety of roads and weather conditions.

You can choose the color of the projector headlights with halos.

The package includes two projector headlights with halos and two anti-flicker harnesses. There are also H4 and H13 adaptors to make the installation effortless. It is important to note that the projector headlights are rated at 45 watts or 1800 lumens low beam and 60 watts or 2700 lumens high beam.

The lights are quite bright, and they provide the perfect illumination when driving in low lighting. The other drivers can also see you very well.

The beast grille is matt black and quite attractive to have on your Jeep Wrangler. The material of the grille is strong to withstand the elements of weather, small stones and branches. We find it to be quite lightweight and easy to install - something that takes you about 15 minutes.


  • Two projector headlights with halos
  • Inclusive of H4 and H13 adaptors
  • Two anti-flicker harness
  • Installs in 15 minutes or less

The matte black knight grill is one of our favorites, given the unique aggressive look. It is the perfect fit for Rubicon Sahara Sport and Jeep Wrangler 2007- 2018 models. We especially love the eagle eye look, and you can stand out when driving.

The material is durable ABS plastic, impact-resistant and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. It is as tough as they come, and you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time to come. Regardless, the unit is lightweight and easy to install.

It only weighs around 9 lbs, and will not give you any challenge at all, when it comes to installation. This Jeep grille provides a cool and inexpensive face modification that transforms your Jeep to look almost new.

The original mounting holes fit perfectly, and you don't need to drill anything. The headlight and turn signal light cutouts are perfectly in place. As a result, you will not struggle to align them in any way.

To further customize it, you can paint it to give it a new life after a period.


  • Perfect fit for Rubicon Sahara sport and JK
  • Durable and impact-resistant ABS plastic material
  • Unique eagle eye look
  • Durable and impact-resistant



Which are the most important features to consider when choosing a Jeep grille? 


Before you splurge on a new set of grills, make sure it is compatible with your Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep's make, year and model should be at your fingertips to help you choose the most appropriate grill.

Furthermore, the design and the material of the Jeep grille should be durable and attractive. For example, stainless steel provides that elusive shiny face and lasts longer as well. High-grade plastic is also a good option, as it will not corrode or rust.

It is also important that the Jeep grill is easy to install. The instructions should not be hard-to-crack, out of the box. To avoid issues that are going to give you a headache, choose a set of inserts that are compatible with your Jeep.


Which are the most popular designs? 


There are various Jeep grille design options to give your vehicle a personality. For example, the mesh grill is not very radical and provides a great overhaul of the Jeep's face. The fang pattern on the full mesh design gives your Wrangler a tough and wild face that lords it on the highway.

You can get a few more exciting patterns to make your Jeep Wrangler stand out in a crowd. Besides, mesh grills are paintable, and you can get that color or color pattern that you want.

The angry eye grill has been a source of so much disagreement in the Jeep Wrangler community. Well, some totally adore the Angry Birds look and can't miss an opportunity to show it off. On the other side of the spectrum are Jeep Wrangler owners who believe that it is a waste of money and an eyesore on the good design of the vehicle.


Which accessories add performance and Style? 


If you want to add additional lights to your Jeep Wrangler, the best place to do so is in the middle. If you cannot find a good place to mount LED lights, LED-equipped Jeep grills are a great option. 

Typically, some great LED equipped Jeep grills give your Wrangler a sci-fi edge. Other options will come with embedded LED lights on the mesh. Whatever design seems most appropriate for you, remember to choose a compatible unit.


What options do I have if I don't want to replace the entire Jeep grille? 


Grille inserts come in handy, especially if you don't want to replace the entire Jeep grille. The benefit of these inserts is that they are a breeze to install and remove.

One of our favorite inserts is the American flag design. Without a doubt, the new backdrop is a friendly and attractive look. Color grill inserts are another appealing option that allows you to customize the Wrangler face to your liking.

You can go for a different appearance with a bezel insert, without the pattern or color. The inserts are the easiest to install, and other people may not know that they are an aftermarket addition.


The current trend, especially for Jeep Wrangler owners, is to give it a facelift with an angry and mean personality. The intention is to stand out in the urban roads and highways and lord it over everyone. All of the above Jeep grilles are great options, and it would be a little difficult to choose the best among them.

However, the Amoff Road Insert has a wide variety of features and that we are sure you will like. It is, therefore, our best choice. 

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