Top-Rated Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Hoists

by Jeep Auto Garage Team

Jeep Hardtop Hoists allows you to remove your the top of your Jeep with ease and safety without any assistance.

But how do you figure out the best and most convenient one to buy? There are several options to choose from. Our team has prepared this detailed review which will assist you in making up your mind.

Best Jeep Hardtop Hoists

Product Name



HARKEN Jeep Hardtop Garage Hoist

Hoist-A-Top Power Hardtop Removal System

Partsam 440 lbs Lift Electric Hoist Crane Remote Control Power System

Garage Smart's Jeep Hard Top Hoist

Racor Garage Ceiling Storage Rack Lift

This Hardtop Hoist is super easy to install. We feel it is a fantastic choice because its hardtop removal is quick and saves a lot of time. Also, it is compatible with all models of the Jeep Wrangler.

It also comes with an anti-drop system design. The cleat system automatically grips tightly in case you accidentally let go of the rope.

The lift system of is entirely devoid of slanting. Its manufacturing is top-notch with its hardware made of stainless steel and ball bearings to ensure it runs smoothly. It also has a strong, reliable rope to ensure its durability.

You'll also love the fact that it comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Proper vertical clearance for storage
  • The Hoist Kit consists of a 4-point system
  • Easy-to-understand installation tutorials.
  • Six-times weight reduction pulley system

This hoist-A-top makes removing a hardtop and storing it easy and literally a one-person job. This is due to the use of a button for its operation.

It is suitable for hardtops with steel frames that are well balanced. Hooks and general hardware are covered with rubber and foam for protection.

The Hoist-A-top frame is coated with steel powder to increase its durability. Also, we like how the frame quickly sticks to the Hardtop, there is no need for drilling. Completely removing the Hardtop takes only three minutes, and putting it back is also very easy.


  • The Hoist-A-top weighs about 42.9 lbs
  • Complete removal and storage of the Hardtop with just the use of a button
  • Smart hook at the rear helps you lift hardtops and store them while the rear window remains closed
  • Sturdy steel frames are in place for added strength

We're sure by now you're tired of all things manual, and for that reason, we're happy to include the Electric Hoist Crane on our list.

It can lift up to a staggering 440 lbs. This electric Hoist also comes equipped with a stop switch, which we found to be quite handy.

As it relates to versatility, you'll be happy to know it can lift several objects with irregular or regular shapes. This includes mowers, trees or boulders, etc. And we all know how important that is. It has a one year warranty, and we consider it to be a fantastic choice.


  • The rope has a diameter of 0.12 inches, and it has a tensile strength higher than 1870N/mm2
  • It is equipped with a stop switch for emergencies
  • The crane can lift up to 440 lbs
  • Versatile for different objects and shapes

Garage Smart's Jeep Hardtop hoist

Here is another excellent choice you should consider. The Garage Smart's Jeep Hardtop hoist is compatible with all factory Jeep Wrangler hardtops.

Its design is really stable, and it is capable of lifting a Hardtop straight up without any spin. Its ease of use and operation also means you won't need any help to get your jeep top lifted.

The frame is adjustable too, and it can comfortably lift up to 170lbs.


  • Compatible with the My lifter app, you can use the app to lower and raise the Hardtop
  • Adjustable frame means it is flexible for all factory hardtops
  • Very durable
  • For accessories, it comes with a freedom panel and accessory storage

One of the things you'll love the most about the Racor garage ceiling rack lift is its durability. Its hardware is made from very sturdy steel, and it can lift up to 250lbs. This Hoist is efficient with up to 8ft vertical lift produced by steel cables.

It can be used on any ceiling, as you can adjust it to angle ceilings using the nylon rings built-in. The most fascinating thing about this Hoist however, is that it doesn't take up space on the floor.

With its 4ft X 4ft overhead structure, it makes room for whatever you may want to do on the floor.


  • It comes with all installation accessories, and it is raised and lowered by cranks
  • Heavy-duty steel with an epoxy finish
  • It is very roomy
  • Built-in nylon rings allow for flexibility

This is an option for the CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ/JK Jeep models. The 200 AMP 1/3 HP AC motor that it comes equipped with. It can lift up to a whopping 1000 pounds, which is impressive, and that ensures the process of removing and replacing the Hardtop is snappy and efficient.

It is one of the most efficient and convenient pieces of equipment to have in your garage. I'm sure you will love the freedom top panels integrated storage just as much as we do. The accessories are adequately fastened unto the backbone by multiple fastening points of the Hoist.


  • Equipped with a powerful AC motor of about 200 AMP 1/3 HP capable of lifting over 1000 pounds
  • Integrated storage for easy carry

This Hoist comes with two different hooks that are for varying lifting requirements. The single hook can lift a maximum of 1100lbs at 39.5 FPM rate. The pulley hook increases the capacity to double at 19.5 FPM rate.

It comes with a high-quality copper motor that doesn't consume much energy but still doesn't compromise its power.

The product also includes an extra security measure when the temperature gets very high. The crane suddenly stops till it cools down.

The crane is made from selected metal materials, which makes its durability no surprise at all.


  • The shell has remarkable welding strength as a result of its superior welding technology
  • It is equipped with a remote control to assist with controlling the movement of the heavy objects
  • The crane is made of sturdy metal
  • An automatic trigger for temperature control



How heavy is a Jeep Hardtop hoist?


Jeep Hardtop hoists are relatively heavy tools. Some are way heavier than others, depending on the specs of the Hoist and model. A Hardtop hoist can be as light as 42.9lbs and another model as heavy as 300lbs at maximum capacity.


Can one person remove a Jeep Hardtop?

Yes, this is possible with powered hoists. With the push of a button, you could quickly and safely remove the Hardtop by yourself. Amazing right? You should be sure of the exact spec of the model you are buying to such a feature is available.


What should I look for in a Jeep Hardtop Hoist?

Choosing a hardtop hoist should depend on your preferences and the nature and size of your Jeep top. Factors ranging from the size of the Hoist to weight to specifications and model are all very important and require attention before purchase to avoid buying the wrong one.


Can I mount the pulley directly to the ceiling?

Yes, it is possible. The pulleys can be safely attached to the ceiling. To be safe, however, use rubber coatings to avoid accidents. This entire process of installation unto the ceiling should be done by a professional.

Things to Consider when Buying a Jeep Hardtop Hoist

Now you have decided to buy a Hardtop hoist, but there are so many options, you become confused. Not to worry, we've got you.

Here are some essential factors to consider before you buy a Jeep Hardtop Hoist. They include:

Space in your Garage

This is a very important factor to note. You wouldn't want to buy a hoist that won't work well in your garage. You need to measure your garage (both width and height) to decide the best to buy.

Suitable Spec and Model

Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise. Jeep tops have varying sizes and shapes, and so Hoists are also required to have different specs and designs.

Trust me; you don't want to buy a Hoist that wouldn't fit your Jeep top. You need to ensure you check the spec of the lift to know the perfect one for your Jeep top. If you have any questions about which Hoist would best suit your Jeep top, you can ask the Jeep sales rep.


If the Hoist you need to buy is top-mounted, then you should be aware that there is an installation process. You need to find out if the process is too complicated and if it would require a professional.

Be sure to get the necessary information about the Hoist you intend to buy from reliable sources. If the Hoist is easy to install, then you can install it yourself in no time.

Ease of Control

How easy it is to control your Hoist should also be a factor you consider. If you don't mind using a rope to control the lift, you can opt for a mechanical hoist. Many prefer a remote-powered Hoist that only requires the push of a button.


There's no point buying a mechanical Hoist you cannot pull. You will need to find out the HoistHoist's weight to see if it is something you're comfortable with.


You wouldn't want to get a hoist that is made from inferior materials. Such a tool will not last. You need to look for a Hoist made of quality materials, so that you will have it for as long as you want.

Operating space

 Most of the Hoist's available models require a minimum of 10ft to facilitate its proper function and ease of installation. Some require minimally 7ft, but these ones may lack several key features. There are several alternatives to having a ceiling of less than 7ft like the portable Hoist that can be pushed on its wheels.


A hoist can be quite handy when you need to remove or replace your Jeep hardtop. Doing it manually can be quite tedious and bothersome, and this employing these innovations can take the load off your hands. 

The Hardtop hoist you choose must be heavier than the Hardtop to be able to absorb its weight. An excellent Jeep Hardtop Hoist must be easy to operate and maintain to promote longevity. It should also be versatile and have several important uses.   

There are several Hardtop hoists, and they differ in size, weight, and method of operation. The one we recommend is Harken. Not only is it easy-to-install, but it also has an efficient pulley system. It is also compatible with all the Jeep Wrangler models. The price is pretty reasonable too.

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